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On Saturday 28 November and Sunday 29 November, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network of Western Australia - MYAN WA, Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia and 3 amazing Shout Out speakers headed off to Christmas Island to run the Christmas Island Youth Summit!

We ran two days’ worth of programs and workshops with young people aged 12 to 17 and the other group aged 18 – 25 years old. 

We were extremely honoured to meet and work with the most exceptional young people running workshops on storytelling, leadership training and how to become a changemaker to advocate for positive change in your community. 

We wanted to provide a platform and opportunity for young people to voice their concerns about issues within their community and provide solutions to them. This was successfully accomplished on Monday 30 November when the young people presented fantastic and informative presentations on the issues they care about, directly in front of multiple decision makers, community members and families.

We hope to utilise the voices and perspectives of the young people of Christmas Island to write up a report that includes issues raised by the young people and their recommendations and solutions.


MYAN WA and YACWA are committed to an ongoing relationship with young people on Christmas Island to ensure their experiences and voices are empowered to influence the State and Federal Government’s decisions that affect them. 

We would also like to thank the Islamic Council of Christmas Island including Isa McIntosh and Hafiz Masli for inviting us to run and facilitate the youth summit in order to help give young people the platform for their voices to be heard. We appreciate all the hard work, leadership and organisation and planning that helped run this great and successful youth summit. 

Additionally, we would also like to thank the young people of Christmas Island for their kindness, respect and their passion for creating social change. We confidently believe that every young person is a leader in their community and will be changemakers both on Christmas Island and across Australia now and into the future.

Christmas Island Youth summit Report

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Christmas Island Youth summit Gallery

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