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Our Speakers will present on topics from their perspectives and experiences, act as emcees for events, or as panel members, to inspire young people to develop skills in public speaking and media relations on topics they feel passionate about.

Wynston is a leader. Coming all the way from West Kimberley region, Wynston is passionate about communities and raising concerns affecting Indigenous communities such as the high suicide rate amongst Indigenous young people, domestic violence, discrimination and drug and alcohol abuse. Wynston has been involved with Future Leaders of the Pacific and National Indigenous Youth Parliament to advocate for these issues. Wynston continues to advocate tirelessly for the partnership of traditional Aboriginal culture and the western science to shade a light on the issues young Indigenous people face.

Wynston Shovellor - Regional Bookings ONLY

Rahnje is an indigenous scholar and an enthusiastic health and fitness advocate. Rahnje, is proud of his diversity and conqueror of adversity. His a tertiary student, mentor for indigenous secondary students, and now a Public speaker with YACWA and their Shout Out program. Rahnje is a proud Nyikina man from Derby, West Kimberley. He speaks for himself, and his brothers and sisters back home that lack the strength to have their own voice, to empower young indigenous Australians to be proud of their journey and their culture, so that they too can be leaders in their communities. 

Rahnje Delvin

Ishwaren is the quintessential islander. Hailing from Mauritius, he is currently completing his Electrical Engineering degree, which he believes, spices up his personality. Using his compelling experiences and small victories at life, he speaks about the need to overcome stigmas/stereotypes and conveys his passion for young people. Point to be noted, he is equally passionate and euphoric about food.

Ishwaren Caroopanen

Collin is a language and theatre enthusiast. Indonesian, Javanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin are some of the languages Collin is passionate about. Collin believes that languages open a whole world to a different culture, new perspective and new ways of experiencing the world. Collin is also passionate about using language and performing arts to empower young people to embrace their diversity, develop inclusivity and proud of their own unique identity to reach their full potential and contribute to their communities. 

Collin Wiyoto

As a first generation Australian to migrant and refugee parents, Zahra believes she is a catalyst for change. Her goal is to empower young migrant and refugee people to become leaders within the community. Having worked with young leaders across the world with organisations like the United Nations Women in New York, the International Federation of the Red Cross and White Ribbon, she believes that young people are the present and are the agents that will shape this world.

Zahra Al Hilaly

Margaret is a visionary. As a former refugee from Liberia, Margaret wants to share her experience with young people. As a Youth Worker, she is passionate about empowering young people to talk about issues that affect them. Margaret wants to open dialogs on issues such as mental health, domestic violence and positive body image in the African community. She also wants to continue advocating on behalf of other young people whose energy she believes is constantly misrepresented by the media. 

Margaret Phillips

Michael is a creator. Michael is currently studying at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus and is passionate about making the world a better place through peace, harmony and human rights. Michael believes that stronger communities can be built through story sharing. He shares his story of the journey he and his family took from Liberia to Australia to empower other young people to always keep hopeful and be resilient against social issues they face. 

Michael Moore

Parul is a volunteer, health science student and receptionist by day…and an avid reader by night. Her volunteering and work commitments see her actively invested in the socio-cultural, educational and developmental side of the Australian community. In her free time she enjoys food tastings, watching Netflix and talking about the world.

Parul Goplani

Samatar is an MC and active ambassador for CYALA (council for young Africans living abroad). He is particularly driven by his passion for issues regarding culture and identity. Samatar aims to provide a platform for young Australians from different backgrounds to be able to navigate their identity and cultural issues in a productive, positive and empowering manner. 

Samatar Geyre

Fatema preaches for positive change in the realm of social justice and lives to defy stereotypes. She aims to break boundaries and vocalise on discourse surrounding mental and sexual health within the CaLD community, through her experience having been a peer educator for the YEP Project. She is upon completion in her undergraduate degree in Psychology (double major) through UWA and will be venturing off into her master’s degree. Her Afghan heritage has influenced her as a self-proclaimed kebab critic and having been raised as an Australian citizen, she identifies as a toasted sandwich connoisseur.

Fatema Shalemie

Wahida is a witty and ambitious Afghan Australian who is passionate about women and girl’s education. She has been influential in the establishment of Salsaal Integration Association and has been active in encouraging girls to become more engaged in the community. Her ambition is to live in a world where education is a reality for all. She considers herself optimistically realistic and is a believer of the theory, give me a good mother and I will give you good nation.

Wahida Samim

Hadi is a one-stop-shop. Hadi is originally from Afghanistan but spent of his life in Pakistan. Having lived in two cultures, Hadi provides crucial insights about growing up in Afghani and Pakistani cultures. Hadi studies social work at Curtin University. He is well known for his advocacy work in the space of refugees and asylum seekers. Hadi acts as spokesperson and has recently heavily involved in state political system. The aim of his involvement to present issues in his local communities on the legislative level. Hadi sits on multiple Youth Advisory Committees and is one the CALD representative from WA presenting the voices of young people on the National level, with HEADSPACE. Hadi values inclusivity, social justice and respect for all people and reflects on those values with his professional practice.

Mohammad Hadi Rahimi

Musa is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who loves to inspire others to reach their full potential. Musa has a very creative mind and loves to incorporate his interest for fashion, dancing and storytelling into highlighting the many challenges faced by young newly arrived Australians.

Musa Kamara

Sara is EVERYTHING. Sara is a passionate young Noongar woman whose purpose is to provide a strong and proud voice to those in need in order to bridge the gap in our community. Sara is looking forward to beginning her study journey with Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University early 2019. Sara is extremely invested in the growth and progression of Aboriginal communities, and believes that her own education and growth is the foundation for leading the way for other young people. 

Sara Terry

Taylah is a storyteller. Taylah has recently graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. With her experience performing in front of big crowds her fire has always been telling stories of various characters on stage. Away from performing characters, Taylah is also passionate about telling her own story and being a voice for young people and issues they face. She is also on a mission of raising awareness of taboo topics with Indigenous women. Taylah wants want to create a safe space for Indigenous women to be able to openly talk about sexual health including heavy topics such as miscarriage.

Taylah Hedlam

Habiba is a change maker. Growing up a female Pakistani Muslim is an identity Habiba is very proud of. The role the media plays in depicting stereotypes of her community is an issue Habiba faces head on in everything she does. Habiba has a strong leadership experience in raising awareness of issues such as domestic violence, extremism, racism and discrimination in partnership with other young leaders in the community and Non-for-profit organizations. Habiba has also been working as a sexual health peer educator with the Youth Educating Peers project creating safe spaces for young people to talk about topics considered taboo in different communities. 

Habiba Asim

Patrick is an emerging multidisciplinary artist who works in theatre, performance, creative writing and visual arts. Patrick is driven to make work which fosters empathy and reflection in his audience, particularly as these relate to working towards justice for marginalised citizens. Patrick also volunteers in peer support work to foster resilience, wellbeing and sense of belonging and citizenship in young people, and he identifies as queer and disabled.

Patrick Gunasekera

David is a dreamer. Originally from the Democratic republic of Congo, David fled violence to seek safety for himself and his family. Since arriving in Australia David has been spending his time volunteering for organizations such as the City of Cockburn youth center, United Nations Youth WA and the Leeuwin Career Challenge while studying full time at North Lake Senior Campus.  David hopes to be a champion to other young people, to motivate them to appreciate their opportunities and to live a fulfilled life. David also hopes to study International relations with a dream of becoming a diplomat. 

David Mugisha

Gisele Ishimwe is an emerging creative, story teller, highly sought after speaker and a Master student researcher at the University of Western Australia. Her interests range from multiculturalism, diaspora affairs, race, resettlement, displacement and migration.  Over the years she has been an active member in the community through volunteering on numerous projects alongside organisations like the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network WA, Office of Multicultural Interest, Commissioner For Children and Young People WA and the organisation of African communities in WA to name a few. Through this experience she has gained a greater understanding of some of the challenges associated with resettlement of refugees and migrants in Australia for the broader Australian community. She is dedicated to seeing the Australian dream of fairness become a reality for all Australians throughout all her work.

Gisele Ishimwe

Tamkin Essa is an International Relations and Journalism graduate from Curtin University and works at the Youth Affairs Council of WA, leading the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network of WA. Over the years Tamkin has led two Catalyst Youth Summits, for multicultural young people living in WA. Both summit’s were aimed at bringing young people together to discuss issues, create solutions and to directly express their concerns to politicians and key decision makers. Tamkin also works on the Shout Out program which provides an opportunity for refugee, migrant and Aboriginal young people to share their stories and insight into topics they feel passionate about, through public speaking engagements. She has an admirable passions including youth empowerment, community development, human rights, international affairs and creating inclusive spaces.

Tamkin Essa

Hossein is a young Ahwazi refugee who arrived in Australia late 2012. He completed his Diploma of Information and Computer Technology Networking whilst learning English. Students from schools around Western Australia find him and his story inspiring. He likes to use his story of migrating to Australia to explain how important freedom and democracy are. He is currently employed by Kolbe Catholic College as the Information, Communications & Technology Systems Officer.

Hossein Bouazar

Jumana Jasim is an optimistic, compassionate and determined Iraqi Australian woman. She believes dialogue is the spark of change and is key to making our society more inclusive. Jumana works towards uplifting the concerns of the community to ensure all those marginalised are heard. She is currently study Law and Global Politics, hoping to use this degree to pursue a career in human rights to help the oppressed and is currently the UNICEF Young Ambassador of WA, advocating for children rights across the country and abroad

Jumana Jasim

Abdul is a proud Pakistani-Australian who is passionate about empowering young people to find their sense of identity and belonging to our community. He believes respect and understanding is the key to a more cohesive society. Having lived overseas before moving back to Australia has given him exposure to diverse communities, leading to better understanding of diverse cultures. He currently engages and has volunteered with different local and national organisations while studying Sports Science Full-time at UWA and at the same time manages to inspire others by his public speaking. He is also the founder of the newly established UWA Pakistani Society. Abdul is also a foodie and hopes one day open a restaurant that serves food of all cultures, For now, he enjoys cooking to bring family and friends together.

Abdul Rahman Hamid

Vithan is a stoic character who from fleeing the hostility of Sri Lanka, has overcome many challenges here in Australia including racism, bullying, learning difficulties and the subsequent low self-esteem and confidence issues that coincide. Through sharing his story, Vithan instils hope and belief to the people around him. He’s also passionate about finding one’s identity and the importance of education and mental health. He is studying to be a doctor at the University of Western Australia and volunteers with various organisations in his community.

Vithan Thillairajah

Yosef was born in Sudan and his heritage is Ethiopian.  Yosef is a business student at Curtin University, who is passionate about inspiring the youth and bringing out their full potential. One of his greatest achievements was representing Tasmania in soccer at the Australian Institute of Sports and being selected in the All Star squad at nationals in Futsal. Though still passionate about soccer, Yosef now focuses on his personal development and university studies.  

Yosef Asresse

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